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MICE Talk 360 / Take 5 with SITE / SITE Women In Leadership

Jan 28, 2021

Join the conversation with MICE Talk 360 guests: Listen as SITE Texas OOP - Lauren Dunnaway, Lorraine Mahoney, and Todd Zint; past, present, and future SITE Texas Presidents, reflect, inform and discuss their thoughts on then, now, and what's to come. Plus, a discussion of the SITE Texas support community and its high...

Jan 21, 2021

Join us as we kick-off the new year with a rebranded Take 5 with SITE. My guest, 2021 SITE President, Aoife Delaney, gives us a taste of what she listened to and what she watched, for pleasure and distraction, during a year that felt more like a decade. 

Laughter and visions of baking - it's not all bad.

Jan 13, 2021

Join the conversation with MICE Talk 360 guest: Aoife Delaney, Director of Marketing & Sales for DMC Network, a member of the International Board of Directors for SITE, and 2021 SITE President. Having a positive outlook is critical to SITE success in 2021 and Aoife brings that, and more, to her year as...